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ave maria oranges 4 ave maria oranges 1 English Conference pears Baxters 17 th August 2009 Cuevas red peppers IMG_2913 Green Peppers turning to yellow Mango beetroot oct 2016 Regal Prince as picked 010 January King evita 2017 clemenville 2017 avo on tree IMG_5224 Concejiles bloom_4 Pollinate plum_2 onions Cherry plums Toms 2 Cripps Pink july Topaz  15th October 003 Spanish Fino lemons Fresh Service 3rd Feb 016 Nadorcotts 2016 - 3 (2) Organic B Sq Sun Valley  Africa 2009 023 Sicilian Water Melons for a hot weekend 006 cucumber spanish Ivory Coast pineapples November 13 022 IMG_4496 20170418_165943 Romanesco Imago march 2018 IMG_5225