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Nicest when it's fresh!

Andrew Poulton began his working life in Covent Garden Market during the 1960's and has been in the fruit trade industry ever since.


Life took a change of direction in 2002 when he left his role as Trading Director of a major international company to starting his own business initially in the conventional fruit sector, which he knew inside out.


On seeing a niche opportunity with organic, Andrew realised he could add value and moved into that sector.


Be Organic registered with The Soil Association and now focus entirely on organic.


Dave Barker joined his father in law Andrew in 2006 to help grow the business in order to offer a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables to their customer base.  Dave and the team continue supplying produce to organic box schemes large and small, the wholesale and processing trade and also to major high street retailers.


About Be Organic

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