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Latest News - December 2018

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The European citrus season is now fully underway.   There have been extensive periods of wet weather in Spain and Italy which have put pressure on the quality and supply of some salad products such as Courgettes and Cucumbers.  The wet weather has also played a part in making the European citrus season slow to start with the difference in day time and night time temperatures not adequate enough to aid quick colouration of the new season fruit. Quality has also been challenging as growers battle to pick enough fruit to supply their customers whilst manoeuvring around the wet days to find periods dry enough to pick volumes of fruit without compromising quality.  

Now in the first week of December the famous Ave Maria Seville marmalade oranges have begun to arrive, leafy Clementine presentation boxes are a premium product for Christmas, clementine’s are at their very best for flavour with nules variety in full flow, and the availability and quality of lemons and oranges are reaching their peaks.  Similarly for grapefruit the best quality and internally coloured Star Ruby fruit is now available.  

Limes enter their difficult low season now with no European supply available.  Mexican limes hit their low season with 50% of normal volumes arriving by boat and the new season crop from Peru will not start until Mid January.


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The UK Apple and Pear season is now in full swing.  Quality and size of fruit has been good for the UK market even after an extremely dry summer.   Air stored fruit is finishing up on the run up to Christmas and growers will be looking to move into freshly opened CA store fruit in the new year.


Now in the first week of December pears are championed with the ever popular conference, in addition to conference other varieties available are Comice, Concorde and Nouveau Poitier.


Apples are spearheaded with Gala and Spartan and also plenty of additional varieties in the mix with Cox Royale, the award winning Blaze, Red Pippin, Regal Prince and Bramleys.  We will continue with UK Apples until the end of April and hopefully into May.